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Stud Service: ALP Shiny

ALP Shiny is a well-built black male with extremely fine fibers and a very respectable pedigree. With the finest bloodlines from alpacas in the United Kingdom, we imported ALP Shiny in 2013 to enhance the wool quality of our herd. Now he is available for mating throughout the BENELUX, and further in Europe on request.

Price: € 450.00

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PLA Princess (3-in-1!)

PLA Princess is a three year old descendant from ABS Goofy. Last summer she birthed her first cria, ALP Nugget, and this year she has mated with ALP Shiny. Our hope is that the black of Shiny will fill in the gaps of color on Princess' crias, but maybe that's not how genetics work. This package includes PLA Princess, ALP Nugget and a guaranteed living cria.

Price: € 1900.00

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